Last updated on July 14, 2006

July 14,2006 Anonmounce: Since our beta release of FirePhoenix, we have received a lot of feedback, compliment, and media coverage. In order to support more users and maintain better service, we decided to transfer our FirePhoenix series of secure network products to the World Gate, Inc. (URL: The current development team will join the World Gate, Inc. and continue to improve FirePhoenix (R) series products at World Gate, Inc. HeartyIT 2006.7.13
May 30,2006 Our Chinese Channel is open now! Please try our free secure web surfing system - FirePhenix (For mainland Chinese users only)
May 1,2006 We started to offer web hosting services.
Apr 10,2006 Do you need a news publishing system? We offer a user-friendly news publishing system based on solid Internet technologies, with international language support
Apr 1, 2006 We just released the first 128-Bit Linux operating system in the world!
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